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After my final university degree - Theology, University of Århus - I worked as a teacher at a Danish "Folk High School", and at a GrammerSchool -

.and the last 30 years as a pastor of the Danish National Church.

Through all the years I especially have been occupied with the Orthodox Church and Islam.

At first the history and conditions of the Russian Orthodox Church the 70 years passed under the yoke of Communism, but my interest changed to the liturgy, the spirituality and not least the icons of the Orthodox Church.

My interest in icons was intensified, when I was appointed rector of the church of Raasted (near Randers). The church has the best preserved roman wall-paintings in Denmark. 

I have tried to interprete these wall-paintings in a broad theological context: "Fra døden til livet .." - and the interpretation is presented in the section "Icons and Wallpaintings".


The research in Islam braught me to the Middle East, where I met the churches, which broke away from the main church as early as the fifth century. The Oriental Churches - living side by side with Islam from its very beginning. By now my main interest is these old Syrian churches in the Middle East and in India - the Thomas-Christians .

At the end of the Reformation-century there was a correspondence between the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and Lutheran theologians from Tübingen. The correspondence delt with doctrines of the Lutherans. The basis was the Confession of Augsburg. The comments of the Orthodox and the answers of the Lutherans were edited.

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